20121214-210656.jpgSo, you know by now I’m an avid mumsnetter and you may know that MN has an active bloggers network. Well, we were approached to take part in the Gourmet Garden blog/cook off competition.

Now, I’m no Nigella but I do empathise with their slogan ‘fresh made easy’ and those of you who know my medical ishoos will understand the attraction of squirty herbs. For that is what GG essentially sell. Fabulous. Gourmet gunk.

So, I thought, why not continue with the ease of access vibe and go with a store cupboard special? I’m way to busy/tired/lazy/disorganised to go out and buy special ingredients to make something. I like to feel the culinary fear and go with it. So rummaging I will go….

The deadline is tomorrow. I like a deadline. My creation is on the stove now. Come back later and let’s see where I get to.