I was going to post about the craft stall, tell some homey tales, try to raise a smile, a glow. But to be honest this blog has never been softly softly. The Parkinson’s I live with can’t be driven away in a flurry of polka dots. Believe me, I know. So I’ll give you the truth.

three weeks ago I was in a car crash. I was driving, my children in the back. Completely out of the blue and no other vehicles. A passer by was injured, thankfully not seriously. I don’t know what happened but I’m treating it as a wake up call. Parkinson’s is real and it’s messing with me and mine. Suddenly I’m engulfed in a world of Meds, benefits, bus passes, cycle helmets and statements. It’s thrown everything awry, made me question priorities, shaken my confidence. And it’s made me face up to this illness. Probably not Enough but more than before.

Its easier to plough on, ignore the fact that I’m never going to get better. But to ignore it is to lose time, experiences, opportunities, memories with my boys, fun, laughter, silliness, hugs, snotty kisseS, little hands…life. God, what a cliche, but it’s true. So, I will listen to the wake up call. I’ve no idea what I will end up with but I know I have to savour life. We all do, don’t we? Don’t we? Xxx