“The best biscuits I’ve ever tasted”

I am not much of a cook. Dear Husband (DH) does most of the cooking tbh. I pootle about with baking instead. My grandmother taught me to bake. We used to make a full afternoon tea spread whenever we went up to visit her. Apple pie (lots of cloves), coffee cake, cheese scones…you can imagine.Continue reading ““The best biscuits I’ve ever tasted””

Those were the days my friend

I thought a trip down memory lane was in order as I’ve just found some of my quilt photos. Some of these are quite old I must admit but its nice to see them again. Each has it’s own story attached to it – that’s why I love quilts. for my MIL who loves catsContinue reading “Those were the days my friend”

Reasons to be cheerful

Let’s be upbeat today: I’m powering through last week’s list I’m not felled by ‘flu (yet) unlike the rest of my family My job is going good – hurrah! So are my meds – double hurrah! No ironing in my way – the relief It’s not raining, it’s cold but it’s not raining I’ve doneContinue reading “Reasons to be cheerful”

Technicalities of my knitting life

So I’ve got to pick up the stitches around the collar and sides for Little One’s jacket. It’s knit club tonight thank God so if I screw it up I can get expert help. I quite often fail on technicalities mainly because I’m so impatient. But this time I’m following my knitting bible Vogue Knitting.Continue reading “Technicalities of my knitting life”

Define casting on?

Strictly speaking this isn’t a new project at all, oh no. I’m just playing. I ordered this book from the States second hand ages ago and it finally showed up yesterday. It’s written by Maggie Righetti who did the absolutely brilliant Knitting in Plain English. This woman is a goddess. Really useful information and ideasContinue reading “Define casting on?”