Calling all female superheroes!

It’s Elder’s 5th birthday soon and we’re having a superhero party. Did I mention that already? Anyway all the little girls (and there’s  few) are in a tizzy about what to wear – there are precious few female superheroes out there. So far we have Lava Girl, Wonderwoman, Catwoman and my favourite, Superfairy. And oneContinue reading “Calling all female superheroes!”

Half term survival tip #2

Keep ’em sweet. Baking and icing today ( subtle colours aren’t me I’m afraid) combined with a long walk and a trip to the park. Elder was asleep within 2 minutes…I’m typing this sitting next to his gently snoring form. I don’t often completely enjoy childcare but today was great. Just have to clear aContinue reading “Half term survival tip #2”

It’s (not) my party

Like it? This is a vintage 60’s book I just got from the divine eBay. It’s elder son’s birthday party in a few weeks and I was browsing with intent and came across this. It’s brilliant. Not only as a piece of design (the illustrations are fab and will be used as inspiration I’m sure)Continue reading “It’s (not) my party”

In which the author realises there is no hope

It’s no good, however hard I try I can’t find that elusive 25th hour in the day and neither can I seem to run my life with the level of organisation I would like to. I have a to do list in my head that’s keeping me awake at night which I’m trying to whittleContinue reading “In which the author realises there is no hope”

did I miss anything?

well, its been a few days since my last post. Mainly because I haven’t been up to much apart from coping with work, two small boys and the laundry monster. I’m nearly done with Little One’s jacket but each row is taking about 40mins so its slow going. I’m behind on my sewing swap too – itsContinue reading “did I miss anything?”