Work work busy busy rush rush bang bang

Well here’s my Make list – it’s a work in progress as are many of these projects. I’ll add links etc as and when. Knitted gold bag – an experiment in mixing yarns together. Socks – any kind. Desk skirt – assuming I don’t get a retro larder. Lacey scarf crochet – coming along. Japanese…


 I’m having a clear out in anticipation of some type of storage for my sewing area. I yearn for ironed piles of fabric in pretty bundles. I actually have this: and that’s the nice bit. I’m fantasising  about dressers, cupboards and 1950’s larders. My ebay watch list is lengthy to say the least. It’s Mother’s…

Silence is golden

Just a quickie – I’ve got a horrible cold, a chest infection and a sprained hand…blurgh. On the up side its been beautiful here and the sun makes me happy…how about you?


oh dear…ebay-itis has struck again…I am now the proud owner of another vintage quilt currently being shipped here from the US. A blue sawtooth star beauty…oh, it’s lovely and I have a good, practical use for it already in mind. Honest. I’ll post a picture as soon as it gets here. It’ll be worth the wait.

Finishing off

I’ve been at a bit of a loose end since finishing my wallhanging. I should be finishing off. Loads of things including little ones jacket, my crochet scarf, taking up elders trousers, various work projects, clearing the office, blah blah blah. Where to start though? Where to start indeed. On the up side I got…

Once I had a secret love…

Finally I get to show off my latest creation – do you like? this thing gave  me blisters but I LOVE it!! and I gave it away!!!! It was my end of a stash buster sewing swap on mysewingcircle and so I bade a fond farewell to my 3rd child and sent it off into the…

Things I learnt this weekend

Well, we made it…and I have grown a little wiser as follows I wildly underestimate prep times jellies take longer to set than you’d think 20 is the absolute maximum you want at a brithday party children are the perfect demonstration of entropy – they continue to expand to fill the space they are given…

the calm before the storm

It’s Elder’s birthday party this weekend – superhero theme – 20 under 5’s in a village hall…I think I’m the one who’ll need saving. It’ll either be BRILLIANT (I hope) or Purgatory (I fear). I’ll report back with suitable evidence…wish me luck, I’m going in.


I’ve finally finished my secret swap!! Oh my fingers ache but I’m really pleased with it. Can I keep it?!

A slight diversion

Here’s my latest treat. Isn’t it lovely? You do know I’m just trying to distract you from the fact I haven’t finished my swap item yet, don’t you?!