Eggs-actly what I was after

I finished the garland on Friday, just in time!! It’s the first thing that Elder has really contributed to – I’m so proud of him!! I’m also pleased with it as it’s my first time working with previously embellished fabrics and customising it. Plus I’d never made flowers before so that was fun. Here’s myContinue reading “Eggs-actly what I was after”

You can’t make an omelette …

We’ve been cracking eggs here this weekend. I made macaroons yesterday…Elder has been demolishing chocolate eggs all day…and I finally finished my egg garland! Hurrah!! I’ll post pictures soon. Promise. I’ve discovered a new craft btw, paper cutting. I’m going to have a go at some point – my make list is updated. Check outContinue reading “You can’t make an omelette …”

Denial? Me? No way!

Did I mention I have Early Onset Parkinsons? There, I said it. I don’t often. I was diagnosed in January 2008 and have been trying to forget it ever since. But you can’t. Shame. Recently juggling all my commitments has been tricky. I’ve shed a few but have still a way to go. I resentContinue reading “Denial? Me? No way!”

24 hours

what a great 24hrs…Ian McCullough at Gloucester Guildhall…we were in the front row. Stripped down Bunnymen greats, covers and solo lovelies. It was amazing….until he just got up and left! Rubbish ending, sadly. Yesterday was a year since my father died and McCullough played songs that were so relevant eg Rust that I was cryingContinue reading “24 hours”

What shall we do today?

Elder and I had a lovely day together yesterday. We dropped Little One off at nursery and went for a cup of tea at Waitrose (BIG treat), caught the bus into town, forgot all about household chores for a while (me), was thrilled with a ‘well done’ sticker from the dentist (him) and mooched round theContinue reading “What shall we do today?”

The magic fabric roundabout

It was a case of fabric out fabric in today. A box to the lovely Christine from who is going to use my destash lovelies for charitable purposes. Out it went. Then on the way back from a physio appt ( wrecked hand) I found these gorgeous skirts and monsoon top from our localContinue reading “The magic fabric roundabout”