Nowt so queer as Folk

so, i’m a bit of an indie chick. One day I will list my loves properly but I’ve already written about Echo and the Bunnymen. I went to a new kind of gig (for me) a couple of days ago. Other Half got tickets to see one of his personal favourites, loud0n wainwright. He was…

Peaks and troughs

Today has been like this quilt (from Quilters Newsletter Monthly) – up and down. Up and down. Must try to swing towards the peaks more often. Juggling is so much harder these days. You can decide whether I speak literally or figuratively. In other news – Scrabble for the iPhone rocks. Talk about sanity saver.

Flower power

Guess where Elder and I spent a good chunk of today? He’s teaching me football, poor delusional child.


Inspired by a thread on mumsnet here’s my latest creation. It’s crochet. Thats a big deal for me. I’m not too good at crochet. What do you think? I’m quite proud – I finished something!!! Work is overwhelming at the moment. My shakes have increased but hey, they’ll go again hopefully. Making progress on being…

Playing shop

Shop! As part of my massive clear out I’m getting ready for a bit of a yard sale next week – my knitting group have been invited along, I’m sorting buttons into colours, winding ribbons, plucking yarn and fabric from my stash…25% to charidee (Cancer Research and Parkinsons UK, natch) and the rest to fund…

Portrait of the artist

Do you like it? I’m thinking of getting my security pass photo updated…really must get my hair sorted out… Hope you had a good weekend.

Beauty and the beast

So I’m chasing my own tail today – I have work coming out of my ears, hospital apointments, Elder with no school shirts clean and this to deal with in the office… It’s at times like this I can feel the panic rising so today I went to look at the flowers in my garden…

Everybody out!

It’s been a busy old time at Stitch This Towers. After weeks of watching bids I am now the proud owner of a dresser type cabinet which is destined to be home for my sewing kit. When we picked it up I admit we were disappointed as it’s not a solid as I’d wish and…

Mr cress head

I thought I’d lift the mood round here. Meet Mr Cress Head. Isn’t he great? Elder made him at a friend’s house and he’s just sprouted. Hope that gives you a Monday smile.


I am sitting crocheting in the field waiting to pick up Elder from school. I’m ill with a chest infection which is making the shakes worse too. Although I feel dreadful I feel silence too. Just what the doctor ordered.