Back to life…

…back to reality. Blogging on the move back home after our little sojourn… We bought ‘salty sea dog’ clothes this morning in Salcombe from my favourite theme shop, Seasalt. Also ventured into Quba Sails – felt v old and unglamorous but was enchanted by the clothes and sale prices. I swear, age may not diminishContinue reading “Back to life…”

Little chapel on the (welsh) prairie

Well, it didn’t rain, the boys are natural beachbums, wineboxes are much smaller than I remember them and so long as you look hard enough you can find stitchy goodness everywhere. We are back from Mwnt near Cardigan in Wales, staying with a girlfriend and her daughter in a MASSIVE caravan. I haven’t been inContinue reading “Little chapel on the (welsh) prairie”

The university of stitch

I could have been a market trader, me. Oh yes, sell bobbins to Lancashire I could. Maybe. Anyway, this is all to set the scene for today’s post which is about one of my favourite places on t’internet, Quilt University. Are you a graduate? Are you?! This is just a taste of the quilted stuffContinue reading “The university of stitch”

Price of fish these days…

May be high but you can still bag a bargain at our local charity shops….I had a spree today, look… What a haul! £12 the lot! I particularly like the little red and White sewing box. Very 50’s. It’s coming with me to knitting tonight. The pink jug was 50p! It’s nestling on my sewingContinue reading “Price of fish these days…”