100 posts!

To celebrate 100 blogs I was all set to post a blindingly witty treatise on how meaningful this blog has become to disease ridden me. After tonight I say bollocks to that.

I’ve been to my nieces hen night and observed mother/daughter relations first hand. I learnt this

I’m Blessed to have my boys
They’ll grow up eventually
They’ll leave home and drink shots
And gossip

Suits me

Happy blogaversary !!


  1. Funny coincedence, but the next post I will do on my blog will also be the 100th. When I started back in January I tohught getting to 100 posts would be a really bit deal, and yet now, it doesn’t feel like anything that big or momentous. So what if I’ve written 100 posts, big deal to that.

    I agree about the boys though, suits me just fine too!

    Happy blogaversary. Keep on blogging.

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