Shoestring chic

As the wonderful Jean Kerr once wrote ‘I buy underpants like others buy gin, wildly, recklessly….’ I am the same with craft books. My latest is ‘Chic on a Shoestring’ by Mary Jane Baxter. Here she is. However, for the first time I thought I’d write a review. This way I will have a recordContinue reading “Shoestring chic”


Toddlerdom is tough. For everyone. For every gurgle of joy there’s the chance of a massive strop. And that’s just me. Gosh Little One has a heck of a temper! Today was testing shall we say. Elder put it beautifully when he told me tonight that “H interrupts me being kind” – I’m lucky I’veContinue reading “Kindness”

There’s a hole…

Inspired by Cheria’s blog and My Mumsnet companions, here’s my bucket list dear Liza, dear Liza…. Go to Iceland – I’ve been in love with the place since Echo and the Bunnymen went there in their ‘Porcupine’ days Go to Japan – eat sushi and drink tea and visit hello kitty world, plus Japanese quiltsContinue reading “There’s a hole…”