Plate envy

I have been rereading old posts and in particular this one. I’m still battling with my metaphorical plate. I’m supposed to be emptying it and I have had some success but then all these projects arise. What’s a girl to do? Latest one is this triumph of a quilt top, thanks eBay. Seriously, isn’t itContinue reading “Plate envy”

Bang! Jingle, jingle

To Brixham and the Big Christmas Lights Switch On. Spectacular fireworks. Look! Ferris wheel shoehorned into the harbour area. Crab shaped illuminations. Chips in the dark. Little Ones oooh’s at the fireworks. Elder scoffing party eggs. I’m whacked and I didn’t like the crowds too much but it was worth it. Brixham does Christmas inContinue reading “Bang! Jingle, jingle”