Strike out?

This is not my normal territory but what the feck. I am utterly stunned that so many people appear to support today’s strike. I keep on thinking I’m missing something. It seems so flipping obvious to me. The money’s not THERE!!! Yes, it’s harsh, yes it’s not fair but it IS real. The private sector…

Plate envy

I have been rereading old posts and in particular this one. I’m still battling with my metaphorical plate. I’m supposed to be emptying it and I have had some success but then all these projects arise. What’s a girl to do? Latest one is this triumph of a quilt top, thanks eBay. Seriously, isn’t it…

Il pleut

This is a boat. I needed one to get to the railway station just now. Soaked. Absolutely soaked. Nice.

On the up

Lovely night at Knitting … Lots of ideas…too many to start let alone finish. The UFO stack grows…I love it!

Hippo Birdy to me

Dartmouth for an enormous Alf Resco breakfast and shopping. Getting older a little more palatable…

Bang! Jingle, jingle

To Brixham and the Big Christmas Lights Switch On. Spectacular fireworks. Look! Ferris wheel shoehorned into the harbour area. Crab shaped illuminations. Chips in the dark. Little Ones oooh’s at the fireworks. Elder scoffing party eggs. I’m whacked and I didn’t like the crowds too much but it was worth it. Brixham does Christmas in…

Tag it!

I’ve been asked how I made the tags I posted yesterday. It’s more a shopping list tbh. I got plain luggage tags from our local stationers – 60p for 10 – bargain. The heart stamps are clear acrylic stamps from Hobbycraft. I know, it’s like B&Q but I was exploring our new one. The stamps…

Stamp this

Like my homemade gift tags? This stamping lark is dare I say it, quite fun. I’ve got my design sorted now so it’s off to make a few more. This is my Friday night. And I love it. Enjoy!

St Celia

I know I shouldn’t but I love this Celia Birtwell vanity case in Boots. V nice sewing case maybe? It’s tat but it’s pretty tat.

This used to be a table

Look at this! They’ve taken the tables off all the seats on my train. How mindless. Where does your coffee go? How do you work? Way to go Great Western. F minus for understanding customer needs. Grrrrrr.