Play it again

…and again and again. I did 3 hours in soft play today and survived. Hurrah! Other Half had jobs to do and the weather was manky. Elder was a lovely Big Brother, looking after Little One. Here they are, duetting. In a manner. Ahem. C

Buttons and bobbins

As Christmas slips away from us, I thought I’d show you my Other Present. This from my sister in law and her vintage-obsessed husband. This is possibly one of the nicest presents I’ve ever received. How lovely.


A while ago I said I was going to make a book taken from family recipes. Well, I actually did it. Yes, I finished the project! I’ll give you a proper reviewed of the software anon but I’m pretty happy. As were the recipients.

Happy Stitch-mas

Just a quickie – I’m so full of turkey I can hardly type. On my new iPad 2!!!!!! Yes !!!! Other half pulled an absolute blinder, completeLy unexpected. I’m fizzing with all the stitch possibilities. What are the good apps? What are the best sites? A new exploration for 2012. Have a lovely Christmas everyone,…

Spatial awareness

You may have noticed that the normal laws of physics are routinely broken around about Christmas time. Why is it that the kids’ stockings which you checked just last….January….appear to have increased in volume? Why is there an inversely proportional relationship between paper available and size of gift to be wrapped?  Why do all those…

Generation Game

I spotted a pair of self designed reindeer antlers on Elder yesterday. He was moving too fast for my camera. Sellotape gives you wiiiiiiings. I’m so proud.


I held my nerve. Let’s hope Elder’s teachers like their felty flowers. I do.

Kaffe Society

The charity shop strikes again….this masterpiece has given me loads of ideas for 2012…. Bliss. I’ve a horrible cold so this shot of colour is just what I needed!! Update: oh God. I went back. 3 more books on Needlepoint incl Fassett’s tome, Glorious Needlepoint. I’m a danger to myself.