If the skirt fits….

January is traditionally the month of diets. Well, if yours has failed miserably here’s a way of making your too-tight skirt fit again. Firat measure your waist, or just below it depending on where you want the skirt to sit. Then sit down as you ponder how the tape measure could be so wrong. OnceContinue reading “If the skirt fits….”

(yesterday was) Choose-day

I didn’t forget! This weeks choice was to get back in touch with some good friends I haven’t seen for AGES. They’re coming for a sleepover with their brood in a few weeks. Result. I’m liking this regime of choice. A lot. The picture is of an embryonic idea. Again. I do MEAN to finishContinue reading “(yesterday was) Choose-day”

The Sound of Music

Always up for an invocation of the Greatest Musical Ever, I’ve been meaning to write about PD and music for ages but it’s been so busy recently. What’s new?! Anyway here we go, quite literally. I have a theory that you are either touched by music or not. What I mean is that you eitherContinue reading “The Sound of Music”

Performing Seale (groan)

  I blame Deadly Knitshade myself. She’s reawakend my love of word play – my sense  of pun as it were. Today’s post is about http://hannahssealehayne.com/. See, sorry about the post title, I couldnt resist it.   I’ve already given you a sneaky peek into their lavender lavatory here. So what is this place and what’Continue reading “Performing Seale (groan)”