Today Little One took part in his first Egg Hunt. He loved it. I can’t believe he’s old enough to join in. Lovely and scary in equal measures. Time moves so quickly.

Excuse my French

So, just wanted to share my love love love of this magazine. It’s absolutely barking, mainly due to very literal translation from the original French. And the quilts are to die for. Look at that cover quilt…I need to find some black fabric and do that silhouette thang. Now. A mix of French and japanese…

Roll on Easter

I can’t wait for the school holidays…everyone here is tired. Even Peter here is washed out.

Yo yo cushion – chatty tutorial

I thought I’d try to give you a description of how I cobbled this little lovely together…it’s become one of my favourites already! I cheated and got the yoyo’s (or Suffolk Puffs) from eBay – they’re vintage 1940’s apparantly – but to make a yoyo is so easy even I do it look . You cut…




Just a quickie to say that the lovely Amanda over at Blogging With Parkinson’s is doing a 20 km walk to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK. Here’s a link to her page so that, if you should so feel inclined, you can send her some pennies. Clink, clink. Thanks!

Colour me happy

A shot straight into a main artery. That’s what I need after the last few sleepless nights. No gin in the house so zingy colour instead. And I hate gin. Onwards and upwards. Keep saying it and my ruby slippers will get me there eventually. And my friends.

Happy bunting to you

Or How Your Stash Can Save The Day It’s birthday season at Stitch Towers. Both boys and all my NCT lovelies. So I buy the presents in bulk to make life easy. The girls were a doozy this year. I used Yellow Moon and bought their Design Your Own Bunting kit. Except it wasn’t a…