As a new pin

This could be construed as a metaphor for my life….I am wreaking control from chaos. Look. I have repacked most of my yarn and fabric. All I can say is I love vacuum packing. What a great invention. Great.


The sun is so soporific I can hardly stay awake. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


Do you remember the make that I forgot to photograph? Well, here it is… A double sided cushion for a very good friend. Made from felt, raw linen and cotton and using vintage tapestry wool to embroider life’s great truths. I hope it was worth the wait.

Close up

Sometimes things take on a different perspective when examined closely.


I blame Kirstie Allsopp personally. There I was perfectly happy with my knitting and stitching and then SHE introduces a new craft into the mix – needle felting. L’Allsopp showcased this art on her  Channel 4 programme a while ago. And whoosh! Sales of Clover needle felting equipment went through the roof.  Anyway, Mothers Day…

Never too young….

Stitchopolis gets all patriotic. Me? Too tired to wave a flag but Little One obliged.

Garden party

I hope it’s sunny where you are. It has been flipping lovely here. I managed to keep Little One happy, hang out the washing and supervise successful sibling play today all Big Things I know it’s pathetic but Parkinson’s can make you believe you can’t do things. And sometimes you can discover that’s wrong.

Frame it!

So, you know I like a bargain? I wandered into my local charity emporium recently and spied an inoffensive frame. Boring but a good size. I got it home and only then realised it was a little big for the photo to I had had in mind. Look. Oops. So, I decided to HIDE the…

Fresh star(t)

Life has been a bit tough recently but there’s always room for cake. Always.