So soon, so soon. One last hurrah at Goodrington, one blast at soft play and we are heading back to normality, housework and shoes. We are back soon but it’s still a wrench leaving beautiful Brixham in the blazing sun. Hard to believe we’ve been there less than a year, I feel so settled. I’ve…

Light up my life

I blame the school system. There is a snail obsession chez Stitch at the moment. Elder has been learning about all manner of minibeast and Little One has been enchanted by the hoards of slimy critters revelling in our damp English summer. So I turned my hook shellwise… He’s neon and acrylic and Elder is…

Lessons in love

Elder is learning to crochet. He crotchets in bed, at breakfast, in front of the telly. A six year obsessed. I am so happy! This is his free form door handle decoration. Like? !

Morning has broken

Sometimes you need the rain in order to appreciate the sun. Happy summer holidays everyone.

Have a break

First day of the holidays….Elder and I celebrate with hot chocolate and cake. Oh yes.

Round to it

A pictorial summary – there’s quite a lot going on but I’ve had root canal work today so in not at my most vivacious. Photos will speak for me today. Here we have: An embryonic crochet snail Some cakes for Elders French class (red, white and blue icing) A prototype simple shift dress based on…

Open all hours

Decision made. Let’s go for it shall we? I’m in danger of taking myself a little too seriously so I’ve decided to make a few samples over the summer holidays and try to launch say in September. Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by and especially to those who sent me messages,…

Thoughts please!!

So, I am always saying I’m going to open my little Etsy shop…but I believe in market research first so I can gauge interest, tastes, demand etc. WOuld you help me by ticking a box please? Oh go on…thanks!! Thanks for all the hits so far – any views you have would be really appreciated….