Pegged out

I am whacked. The rest of the family have gone to Dartmouth regatta but Little One and me stayed home and now he’s in bed. Silence. Bliss. PD means that when you get tired you REALLY get tired, reducing me to a teary wreck. So I bowed out of the trip and here I am….


what did we do without twitter, the t’internet and blog land? Well yes, we probably read, chatted and looked around more. But we’d be more local than national or international and we’d be less able to shout out when we hear of unacceptable behaviour being passed off as legitimate. Like this Mammasaurus is way more…

There a stitch in my bucket

So, I said I’d post a tutorial type chat about what I did with the TopShop skirt I got for £2 in Sue Ryder. Here it is….I realise that the pictures may be a little rubbish. I’ll try to get some better ones when there’s natural light.  I made a little sewing bucket bag combinng…

DIY because you have to

I am not much of a tub thumper but sometimes a story rouses you from your comfortable drowsiness. Can I share this with you? I will do a proper post tonight but wanted to share this link ASAP. DIY SOS indeed.

Fire! Works!

There were fireworks a couple of nights ago. Brixham does good fireworks. Here’s a few snaps and a version I made using photoshop. I’m definitely getting into the idea of creating designs. Which might be handy. Work has announced a redundancy programme. Cue 4 weeks of angst. Perfect holiday news. I choose life. I’ll ignore…

Beach life

A day at the beach. Just me and the boys. Lots of sand, sea and salt. Then the bus ride home and playing with bubbles. I won’t lie, there were some hairy moments but overall it was lovely. The boys had a blast, got completely filthy and played really well together. Result.

Skirting the issue

Brixham charity shops rock. I got this skirt from Sue Ryder today for £2 and have spent the evening chopping it up. Expect a post with a tutorial for making a stitchy kit bag shortly. I couldn’t however, wait to show you the fabric. Isn’t it great? 50’s stylee sewing bits and bobs. I foresee…

Oh baby it’s cowl outside

So, amazingly I finished my holiday project. Here’s my ribbon cowl finished off with wool felt covered buttons. I’m loving it!!!!!