Sharing is good

A lovely coffee and lunch with a Work Friend who, like me, is about to shed her corporate skin. Its doubtless that this is a stressful time for us and ours. So comparing notes was great and so was the hot chocolate! There’s no link to the photo btw. I just liked it.

On a clear day

It’s been a bit full on here at Stitch Towers as I’m sure you can imagine. But a Week is a long time not only in politics. I can get quite a bit done too. And I have. All will be revealed shortly but I’m feeling alive and inspired and raring to go. Thank goodness….

A silver (and gold) lining

Success!!! Quite frankly I needed a boost after this week and by gad, I got not one but 3 today. I’d entered the local village show with a few things and to my shock and awe I got first prize in quilting (me!), second in ‘an object made from recycled materials’ and s highly commended…


That’s it really. More later no doubt. Off to lick my wounds.

The long walk home

Possibly my last trip to Big London today. So, here are some shots to mark this potentially auspicious occasion. Don’t worry, all self indulgent wallowing will cease by the weekend whatever happens. It’s the uncertainty I object to tbh. Normal business next week folks. Promise.


How many times have you heard someone say “I don’t know how you fit it all in”? And no, I’m not referring to that pair of skinny jeans you bought in a moment of hope all that time ago. I get it quite a lot. And I suppose I do quite a lot what with…

Eight feet high

I’ve mentioned the helpdanielfindhisfeet campaign before. I’m so happy that they are almost at the £54k target. Amazing. One last push needed! Last night was our little shove, a dinner party where we charged the 7 guests £10 each and then challenged ourselves to make the entire spread on a £10 budget plus whatever was…

I’ve always liked Status Quo

  I was always the sensible one in our family. I did a sensible degree, I have a sensible job and have settled down very sensibly with husband and two lovely boys. Oh, I like a plan. And yet. Life can throw you a curve ball at any point and it doesn’t matter how sensible…