A silver (and gold) lining

Success!!! Quite frankly I needed a boost after this week and by gad, I got not one but 3 today. I’d entered the local village show with a few things and to my shock and awe I got first prize in quilting (me!), second in ‘an object made from recycled materials’ and s highly commendedContinue reading “A silver (and gold) lining”

Eight feet high

I’ve mentioned the helpdanielfindhisfeet campaign before. I’m so happy that they are almost at the £54k target. Amazing. One last push needed! Last night was our little shove, a dinner party where we charged the 7 guests £10 each and then challenged ourselves to make the entire spread on a £10 budget plus whatever wasContinue reading “Eight feet high”

I’ve always liked Status Quo

  I was always the sensible one in our family. I did a sensible degree, I have a sensible job and have settled down very sensibly with husband and two lovely boys. Oh, I like a plan. And yet. Life can throw you a curve ball at any point and it doesn’t matter how sensibleContinue reading “I’ve always liked Status Quo”