Quicky sticky advent calendar

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at buying things in advance. So here I am the end of November and no advent calendar for the boys. By which of course I mean no chocolate advent calendar. So, harking back to a calendar my neighbour (Mrs Schroeder) made for me when I…

Hippo Birdy

Well, I am another year older. You can tell by the pink doughnuts. A very dear friend presented me with them as my towering, sugary birthday cake. Fab. I ventured into homemade sushi via jam tarts, blueberry cakes and iced biscuits. All washed down with tea and coffee from my charidee cups. And my lovely…

Deck the drawers…

Can you guess what this is? No, it’s not a fancy Santa style noose. Nor is it an avante garde barbers pole. It is elders first christmas decorations of the season. I’m proud. I think.

Tippy tappy

Look!! I wonder what I can get up to with this….

Choice cuts

You may have heard, I went to the Mumsnet blog fest last weekend. The day after, there was a flurry of comments and activity after one of the attendees, Liz Jones of the Daily Mail, Published an ‘opinionated’ article which wasn’t too kind about bloggers who focus on domestic (as in tea towels rather than…

Life is card

Well they turned up just the week late – my blog cards. You like? I’ll use them for other stuff I’m sure. And there’s always 2013….


Just about to embark on a laptop cozy for my ruby red treasure. I’ve got some off cuts of upholstery fabric and a some vintage buckles for the Yarnit shop. I hope I do the materials justice….the fabric is just beautiful quality. And the buckles are brilliant. Erk!

Yarn it!!!!

My lovely knitting ladies are in business!! If you are near Cheltenham please pop by. There until Tuesday.

That was the day that was

So, this is meant to be my well thought out analysis of the Mumsnet Blogfest 2012. But then, hey, is that what you expect from me? Or can we cut to the chase and go with my gut reactions instead? More immediate dont you think…so here goes… Getting up at 4.50am kind of makes you…

Mixed up

I’m meant to be writing up the wonderful MN Blogfest and that will come later today BUT look what I found on the pavement on our road today….free to a good home! Yay yay yay!!!! Btw the photos were taken using tips from the photography workshop and clinic I went to at the fest. Do…