Retail recommendation

I thought we could have an occasional series of me going ‘oh you HAVE to go to this shop!!!’ Why? No reason really, but I love finding a great shop, locally owned and a bit different. Anyhow, today’s nominee is Totnes’ susie and me. Fab, Stevie Nicks type stuff. Sale now on! I went todayContinue reading “Retail recommendation”

Key to it all

I made these for Other Half, personalised key rings. You can buy the blanks from your local stationers. Stamp your label onto your paper of choice. Et voila!! These are named fairly cryptically so as to make them hard to trace should you lose them and an unsavoury type pick then up. And it wasContinue reading “Key to it all”

Staple die-t

Well, now that Christmas is over, I can post about some of the things I made! I hope my recipients don’t mind, but there are some ideas here that I thought would be nice share. I’d be interested to see what everybody else gets up to with them. First up, is a little footstool IContinue reading “Staple die-t”

Are we there yet?!

Two present sacks and a table decoration today… The greenery was chopped by the boys this morning in the garden. Twisted ivy round a sparkly wreath and baubles chucked in for colour. The sacks are made using vintage 50s American fabric and are a simple drawstring. I love this fabric. I hope the boys doContinue reading “Are we there yet?!”

Charmed I’m sure

So, it’s the last day of term tomorrow. That means just one thing. Got to get those presents together for your lovely children’s teachers. Yes, I know, this is something you should have sorted out weeks ago but who the hell does? Here’s my offering. Charms for handbags, phones ( if you’re brave) or toContinue reading “Charmed I’m sure”

Christmas wrapping buttoned up

This is my 500th post!!!! How strange I’m still tapping away, I never thought this blog would be such a key part of my life. Don’t you just love technology? Anyway, hopefully by now you’ve done your shopping and will be contemplating the marathon that is wrapping. Now, I like a glass of wine, sweetiesContinue reading “Christmas wrapping buttoned up”