Pick and mix

    You know, I have always been in Praise of Slow. Normally it’s in the context of crafty ditherings but it can also be re life choices and similar trivia. I was made redundant almost 5 months ago. I had Little One almost three years ago. I was dx 5 years ago. Yep, it’sContinue reading “Pick and mix”

All change

Did I mention I was busy? I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting on my blog. Sorry. But I’ve got to the point where every single evening I now have in my diary what I’m going to do. Is that mad? I don’t care. It works. Tonight I had a night off because the weatherContinue reading “All change”

If I can’t get to the quilts…

…then they will have to come to me. I was planning to join our local quilt group this year but sensible took over and I’ve postponed until Easter because I have quite a lot going on. As ever. So, this is my new baby, straight from the US, a 100 year old quilt top, zingingContinue reading “If I can’t get to the quilts…”

Get stuck in

Readers, I think I’ve been wupped with the Kirsty stick…I’m entering a bake-off. It’s tomorrow and above is my effort. A very sticky butterscotch windfall fruit upside down cake. I hope it’s ok. I can’t tell until they cut into it tomorrow. Gulp! The recipe is very simple, cannibalised from my old faithful the Be-RoContinue reading “Get stuck in”