Back to the drawing board

So, I’ve been having lots of fun with digital drawing as you know. So I thought I would go back to the drawing board literally and have just received through the post a very exciting set of six artists pens. I’m actually going to put pen to proper paper! I saw a children’s art programContinue reading “Back to the drawing board”

The magic of cheese

Did I mention I love cheese? Obviously, the size of my behind gives that away but the real reason I love cheese is because it is in fact a magic Ingredient. It’s amazing, rather like a dusting of fresh snow, a sprinkle of grated cheese makes even the most ridiculously rubbish meal look fantastic. Well,Continue reading “The magic of cheese”

On having friends…

The picture above is for a friend who was/is a Biba girl. Sometimes you take friendships for granted. Other times you hold them close. Every now and again you fling them far far away. Today was a hold close day. Not only does my friend make a mean coffee, she also tells it straight. WhichContinue reading “On having friends…”