Easy as tweety pie

As promised…a tweety tutorial. This is a really satisfying project as its so quick. I used a wire wreath form that I bought for pennies on eBay. I then wrapped old tissue paper and ( forgive me) loo roll around it, squished it a bit and Sellotaped it secure. Then I got out my scraps….


My brood is growing…

My kind of Tweet

A sneak preview. My Easter wreath cometh soon. This chap has star billing. And I found bunny vintage fabric!! . What are you doing this Easter?

Put your kisses down

Ever feel like you’ve taken a corner too fast, metaphorically, that you’re teetering on the brink? Hands up most working mothers. I’m sure non-working (non wage earning, lets face it, no one is non working) mothers would too but I can’t speak from first hand experience we had our bedtime business club tonight and I…

Thursday’s child

…has far to go. Here’s a well travelled example for a wet and windy Thursday. Completely wrecked but beautiful anyway. It even has an odd Block included because only God can create perfection. Feel the stories this quilt could tell….

Maggie May

Today I joined our local quilt group. Again. And I met a friend of my mother. Maggie Davies is a quilting celebrity now – look at her beautiful handiwork here and below. My mother and she started quilting together back in the 80’s and I have the quilt they worked on together. There’s something special…

Crash test dummy

I spend a good proportion of my maternal time reminding my dear offspring of Life’s dangers, including the importance of safety belts – without restraint you risk flying headlong into unexpected barriers. Simple Newtonian physics. I should know that. I have a physics degree. So why do I insist on thinking I can change these…