Light touch

  I have never played with lampshades before, but I Will again. I’m thrilled! Want to make one too? Here’s how.. find an old lampshade. Mine was 50p from my local charidee. I ripped off the lampshade tape top and bottom but left the shade. using watered down PVA glue, stick scraps of fabric allContinue reading “Light touch”

The mystic one

Flow Swans glide on sheet water Skaters swing past smooth as glass Friction. What’s that? Oh yes. I remember. Flow. That’s my nirvana. To lose myself in the task. To shake off dead weight thoughts And float. Calm and soft. Dousing could work. Of a sort. Feel my way, listen hard. Tremors are, after all,Continue reading “The mystic one”

Spring cleaning

Today’s offering is all about wanting to spruce up.   Do you know how to use hair dye What happens if it marks the white grout That frames my tasteful grey tiling How would one start to get it out?   I used to get my hair done professionally I used to get eyebrows, nails,Continue reading “Spring cleaning”

Party on a shoestring

Here’s a quick idea for making party bags that zing without any ker-Ching…this is particularly good if you had a big party a while ago because it uses all those wine bags that you end up with and feel guilty about throwing out ( well I always do.) here’s the how-to… cut down the bagContinue reading “Party on a shoestring”