My life is like a tardis The Inside bigger than the out Small movements you see Are massive to me My thoughts fill the space that I can’t Time is at a different pace My speedometer is set rather low But someone refrained From telling my brain So everything Comes out too slow Ideas thoughtsContinue reading “Tardis”


How was your Bank Holiday? Mine was peaks and troughs but mainly peaks. After camping we came home, via the beach, and hugged bricks and mortar again. Not really of course although I suspect Other Half might have been tempted…then we were joined by a very good friend and her children for 24hrs of hilarity..butContinue reading “Walls”

Who needs a sleeping bag anyway?!

To Devon, to a friends house Near Salcombe. We camped. We had fairy lights but no sleeping bags. Practicality stitch style. But, even though other half was woken by a frog tapping him on the head It was such a beautiful place. I took some pictures for you. Happy bank holiday weekend.

Lamb’s pride

On the train, back from preston. I was 14 when I moved to Germany but its still my home town. I took some pictures of Avenham Park, a stunning homage to philanthropic industrialists. Our pandas particularly liked the Japanese Garden’s bamboo fence. As you can see. Nom, nom. I also had a lovely lunch withContinue reading “Lamb’s pride”