I’ve just been retreading last years posts…my, I witter don’t I? But, in amongst the banter there are memories, sweet and sour. And that’s why I started this blog. As an insurance against oblivion, a way of letting the boys know who I was/am.

It may sound maudlin but I’m an ex goth, the baroque appeałs.

I’ve had trials and tribulations this year and, I think, crossed a PD boundary into illness you can’t just laugh off. I think I’ve figured that this is real. I’m certainly grumpy enough.

Anyway, I’m glad I started it. Now, bed, now. Really.


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  1. izziedog says:

    No one can really understand, unless they have walked in the same shoes. Your blog is many things, mostly fun, crafty, pictures of jaunts with the family.
    Informative, inspiring………sad & more. A pretty goon balance, ups & downs……your life!,

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