Open the door

Today is the start of the rest of my life. What a corny cheesy line but amazingly I woke up this morning feeling like it was true. It’s 10 PM and so far I have cleaned a huge amount of poo off my youngest child, joined weight watchers and downloaded voice recognition software to myContinue reading “Open the door”

Hang out the washing… Christmas

Right, this year, I’m going to get organised about Christmas. I’ve spent some of this afternoon having some ideas about what I can make friends, presents for teacher, and how to use my stash up to make some interesting Christmas ideas for my Etsy shop. All I need to do now is sketch the work,Continue reading “Hang out the washing… Christmas”

Of berries and brothers

Today had the real feeling of the last day of summer. We spent it outside eating a long lazy lunch with lots of children running around screaming being neither Long or lazy. I baked all morning and made, amongst other things, a pie with homegrown apples and blackberries. I used self raising flour to makeContinue reading “Of berries and brothers”

Chat like a metaphor

Chat Have you ever been naked when you speak? Not actually, I’m using a metaphor. When you suddenly realise you’re out in the light, and your skin is still pink and soft to the touch. It feels like the wind is whistling To cut, Like you could be knocked over and fall. When you openContinue reading “Chat like a metaphor”

Mega mix

A busy busy day, a grand mix of the main strands of my personality – art, fabric, Parkinson’s and family. I went to three new places today. First off, fabric heaven, tucked away in Stitchopolis, I can’t believe I only just got to go now. The place is full of every kind of fabric andContinue reading “Mega mix”

Fuzzy felt

Have to share this find…hand stitched felt children! I spotted them in a charity shop (rhymes with Boo High-der). They were on a manky antimacassars which I chopped off pronto. I auditioned backgrounds and went for some beautiful wool I got a few years ago, pre Portas charity shopping. I’m trying reverse appliqué but itsContinue reading “Fuzzy felt”