Appley ever after

Wow, here I am again! You can tell I’ve been at home with the boys can’t you? They’ve both had horrible colds- I’ve been running around feeding them bits and bobs and trying to keep them from killing each other at the same time. It’s amazing how much energy small children have even when theyContinue reading “Appley ever after”

Log cabin decoupage

Here’s a very quick make. I got a boring plain wood small photograph frame for 99p from our local charity shop. And some free decoupage paper from a craft magazine (crafts beautiful). Instead of scattering the paper randomly however, I did it in strips in a sort of log cabin kind of pattern. I thinkContinue reading “Log cabin decoupage”

Clocking on

I while ago I talked about having a portfolio career. This was something that started quite a few people talking. Well, here’s my update. The Parkinson’s has been a little worse recently. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been quiet. Basically, I have come to the realisation (amazingly, everyone else has done already!) ThatContinue reading “Clocking on”

How many sleeps?

Tradition in stitch towers is that Christmas preparations only kick in after my birthday which is right at the end of November. However, this year, in the spirit of trying to be organised, we are starting a bit earlier. I say that, but really, I just went down to my local charity Emporium and foundContinue reading “How many sleeps?”

Out of the depths

I used to read the Tales of the Martyrs And wonder at the variety of ends They came to as they held beliefs steadfastly Defiant ’til they dropped down, spent, away. My favourite was ‘pressing’ like olive oil Life seeping out between boards With each weight added inflicting More pressure than one could endure ButContinue reading “Out of the depths”

Chain stitch

do you love your life Not in a cliche, tv, sleb, thoughtless way Spouting the words without moving a cell. I mean do you wonder at how it all works How blood rushes round  Turning blue as it flows How the synapses crackle and spark in the gloom And the air moves with purpose AndContinue reading “Chain stitch”

Prints charming

Well, you guys now that I have dabbled in the fabric design previously. Up until now though, I’ve how to use an American provider, Spoonflower. But, that seems to be set to change… Introducing my new design courtesy of -This is a UK outfit and they are offering digital printing at £29.99 per metre.Continue reading “Prints charming”


My kitchen is FULL of apples…so far we’ve had them au naturel, I’m drying some sloooooooowly in the oven and I’m boiling some up to make apple syrup. I predict crumble galore too. Any other ideas? And an update, well, I’m definitely definitely going to try drying apples again. This is what they look likeContinue reading “apple.yum”