Brownian motion

Brownian motion or pedesis (from Greek: πήδησις /pɛɖeːsɪs/ “leaping”) is the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid (a liquid or a gas) resulting from their collision with the quick atoms or molecules in the gas or liquid. The term “Brownian motion” can also refer to the mathematical model used to describe such random…


A trip to the zoo today…please do not feed the photographer-she might get a bit arty.


A good friend isn’t always hard to find She might be sipping by you Complicit in the sweetie gorge The weeping stakes and hugs A girls best friend ain’t carbon, boys It’s candour, cake and mugs.

Sneeze when your winning

Originally posted on stitch this:
Why is a cold called a cold When it makes you burn up and lie down Do you freeze as you sneeze Are you just one big wheeze Well I am and I want to know Why is not called a treacle My brain feels its wading through some Or…

Live-in vacancy

Oh octopus, do you mind if I ask How well do you manage to multi task? With tentacles eight I bet you are great A skill in which you should bask I need a few of you helping me One for the cleaning and one to make tea One for the office And one to…

Big blue

A day at the aquarium… I’ve been quiet recently. Lots going on. I hope these pictures are a nice way to say hello again.

Snap happy

I have a lot to thank journal 52 for. I have been given the encouragement to up my game and go public with my sketching. The result? One completed PAID commission and four more in the pipeline! Wtf?! so, here’s a celebratory rhyme what is art… how d’you start? put pencil to pad. that’s not…

Watership Down

You’ve read the book. You’ve seen the film. Now eat the pie. (Joke)

Ce n’est pas une objet

Well, this week end I ventured in the Abstract with the marvellous journal 52. This year long art project is opening my eyes to new opportunities and friends. The group is very supportive and encouraging and I’ve been getting some very useful critique of my ‘work’. Here’s this week’s piece…be kind to me 😉