Pass the full fat whatever

I raided the cupboard tonight I wanted crisps, salt and bite But snacks there were none My shelves are no fun And my jeans are accusingly tight. If only there was a quick answer To make me as lithe as a panther To smooth all my bumps And banish those lumps But instead I haveContinue reading “Pass the full fat whatever”

4 into 14 does go you know

It’s almost the end of April and I have been looking backwards while planning for the next chapter in my descent into Parkinsons. Does that sound depressing? Actually, it’s all quite liberating. My contemporaries are wrestling with work dilemmas and aged parental health problems while I am trying to decide what kind of artwork IContinue reading “4 into 14 does go you know”


I stay up late at night: I somehow need to feel the dark. To have a space to bubble into, Rise and grow and stretch myself. But I am also lonely. Late at night is a solo shift. I should be being social, chatty. But I shrink away from that. A conundrum lies before me,Continue reading “Nocturne”


Thinking about how, once you make a change it can become inconceivable that you could ever go back. My life is unrecognisable to when I started this blog and is can’t ever imagine reverting. Ever. How to define rebirth ? A big question given short shrift By me And others who should be enlarging thisContinue reading “New”