Losing the years

The Romans built roads straight as an arrow. i drive down some fine examples day to day” BUt they buried bones too, feature wall style, in the tunnels that sheltered those true to their mark. repeating bones. repeating patterns. cheating death revamp reborn redecorate Still. Useful. will I ever be so sociable, unique, subsumed no, notContinue reading “Losing the years”

I’m a celebrity, waft me out of here!

I always wondered at whether anybody actually ever got up to make breakfast muffins. I mean, let’s face it, 7 AM is not the best time to be playing with live matches, gas or indeed a fan oven. And those dreamy eyed shots of celebrity chefs whipping up something beautiful in the kitchen in aContinue reading “I’m a celebrity, waft me out of here!”

Hats off

It’s half term guys…almost Summer…last weekend was a scorcher, so much so that I scored a sun hat for £1 from a charity stall at a local fair as I was in danger of becoming a burnt offering to the sun god(s). Scroll fwd to today, rain, cold, dank. I needed a spritz of summer.Continue reading “Hats off”

Bag a prize

I’ve raved about the wonderous http://www.bagsoflove.co.uk and their digital printing service. I’m working on some fabric designs based on my house sketches at the moment and I have played with digital florals too.  Well, they’ve just launched a competition which may be right up your alley, I know I’m having a go! The full detailsContinue reading “Bag a prize”


  Time has, as we know, a relative flow. Not rock steady, it eddies.  It’s tributaries tangling, and we stand angling for the ones that got away, the elusive minnow minutes darting and starting to snap in my fingers  as I grasp and clasp them And hold them close to. Watch out, they can crumble! watchContinue reading “Motionary”