I had to share…despite this blogs name it’s been a while since any true stitchery has graced the virtual pages of my life…but here, here is my latest creation. It’s a fundraiser for Little One’s pre-school. I was up ‘tail 3am this morning as today is the summer fair. My best friend, The ChildContinue reading “Stitch!!!”

Now you see me….

Hey, I’m still here guys, just keeping my head low and focusing on my June goals. For once in my life I’m sticking to my goals and might, might just achieve some of them. Yes, unbelievable but true. The parkinsons seemed to rob me of energy, motivation, call it what you will. Just general ‘oomph’Continue reading “Now you see me….”


I’m in a funny place at the moment. Funny weird, not funny haha. Unfortunately. I’m finding that my status is changing. I’m becoming a ‘disabled’ person, guys. People wait for me. People hold the door for me. People are kind. I’m not always good with kind, even though it is well meant. It’s very hard.Continue reading “Push:Pull”