The cats meow – or, how I made a quilt

I am a great aunt. Not a ‘brilliant, super funny, laugh a minute’ great aunt, but a blade mantilla, pince nez, bath chair type of great aunt. And yesterday was my great neice’s first birthday. Now tHe first rule of quilters is ‘every baby needs a quilt’ and while a little tardy, I rose toContinue reading “The cats meow – or, how I made a quilt”


I’m running busy at the moment hence my silence. I’m planning a proper post soon but in the meantime here’s a quick idea for a doorstop….use those books you love but know you’ll never get round to reading…make a pretty pile, tie together with appropriate ribbon, twine, rope…whatever works for you. Ta-dah!!! Less than fiveContinue reading “Stop”