It’s amazing the trouble You need to hide muddle, to project an impression of calm. To make everyone fail to pick up on my tale of self pity, dillusion and harm. My jokes now all lack the right bite as I crack lamely on and I slur and repeat. Once you laughed, now I see you hang back, look…


It’s amazing How you change From young to old. From smooth to crinkled and stripey. From innocent to wise. And from the inside No change at all. Crikey.


Half term approaches. But how it encroaches, on my coffee. With you.

on realising one’s age

I wouldn’t call it a crisis More a stasis Standing still, taking stock Did I do it, did I make it Follow my path, make my dreams I was going to run the world – Bank. I was going to break the mould I did break a few – Some on purpose. But, my potential,…

For the birds

  Two daft cartoons to cheer up this rainy weather. That’s all.

Top drawer

Have I mentioned my thing for drawers? I’m a bit batty about them and my ebay search is set at all times for vintage haberdashery styles, apprentice pieces and shop displays – want to see my little collection?   The tall Sylko drawers are my pride and joy, a bargain from birmingham. Anyway, why am…

Pack hack

i always feel a bit bad about the amount of packaging Amazon wrap around my purchase so today I decided to reuse the envelope that carried Elder’s first clarinet book to us so abley. I basically covered the gatefold envelope with some paper sheets I had and then used a hole punch to make a…


I’ve Not posted for a while but I’ve been busy…look


To Brixham. I am with girlfriends and am stretching out in space and silence as the house sleeps on. I crept out earlier to feel the dawn creeping in. I just soaked it up. I’m so glad I did. I brain dumped my thoughts as I watched the sun come up…