I see the Finishing tape

its almost the end: The end of the month. The end of the (rhyming) line. The coda, Full stop.  Start again.  One more time. I’ve been quite hermetic, I’ve not written much. But I’m happy I’ve written what’s right. And I’ve put myself into my words, spilt my blood, Vented spleen, cried some tears, lateContinue reading “I see the Finishing tape”


I’m clawing my life back. Slowly, slowly. Not tipping over every time I stand up. All good. And some developments…technology upgrade being the first part. I now have a 128gb iPhone 6…the keyboard works! It sends texts! I can save 1,000’s of pictures! I have a cool phone sock! Yessss! My second bit of news…I’mContinue reading “Sketchy”

Physics and art: in memorium

The really weird thing is I can never remember The day you left us for good. When mum died the day was stamped in my memory I may as well write it in blood . But you, you with your quietness, you slipping away from your mind Where did you go? Or is the realContinue reading “Physics and art: in memorium”

thesauraus (aka: aka)

I cried today. it wasn’t bad nor was it good But I wasn’t sad. i was tired, bone weary, dipped, inert. exhausted, plain sleepy, wrung out, not alert. sonambulant, just dozy, fatigued and clapped out knackered and frazzled, my brain had checked out. if Inuit have zillions of words to mean ‘snow’ i wonder howContinue reading “thesauraus (aka: aka)”