I have an itch, I have a scratch I sometimes wonder if I can match My old ways, my triumphs, my career success. Will I ever, like I once did, get power dressed? My glories have gone now I’m off the fast track I’ve stepped down and slowed down I’ll never go back. But IContinue reading “Parked”


With apologies to The Stranglers… Chardonnay Chardonnay yes I know what people say that you’re just the same as eating cakes of cream. i can dream, oh I can dream… that one day they’ll devise wine that doesn’t hit my thighs wine that actually makes you fit and thin Shrinks your skin and sucks youContinue reading “whine”

Dear teacher

So, I’m wondering what to give my sons’ teachers this year… There’s the normal, incredibly helpful, group organised team present but I want to give them something from my boys…here’s where I’ve got to so far… An ABC necklace made from Shrinkles…one of the teachers has ABC earrings, a pair for each letter. I wantedContinue reading “Dear teacher”