<edited to remove the rubbish that dictating results in…stoopid iPhone> It’s a funny thing, when you have an illness like Parkinson’s, you forget that other things can happen to you too. You think u r  armoured against other illnesses and injuries. Sadly, you are wrong.  The irony is, until a couple of days ago, IContinue reading “Fall”


Funny times chez Stitch…shifts in circles, changes in routine, ever growing and developing children, challenges both big and small…so how do you keep an even keel? How do you make sure you are true to yourself? There’s no real answer to that I suppose but things I have learnt this week towards that goal areContinue reading “Level”

Notes from outside

Ah, I bet you saw that title coming a mile off didn’t you!! I’m wending my wobbly way back to Stitchopolis having managed to catch a slightly earlier and, most importantly, direct train. Which is good because I don’t mind admitting my little jaunt has completely wiped out my energy levels.  Physically I started offContinue reading “Notes from outside”

Notes from inside

Well, if I can stop my hands from shaking (it’s been a long day thus far)  I will give you an update from deep within the world of contemporary art…guys, Stitch goes to Frieze 2015…and, sort of, survives. I’m in one of the watering holes drinking a very abstemious fizzy water and attempting to sneakContinue reading “Notes from inside”


People are funny aren’t they? Funny weird, not funny haha. I met a woman yesterday, an acquaintance of a friend. This lady was retired, with an adult daughter who had got married, we learnt, a couple of years previously. The mother obviously doted on the daughter, even to the extent of carrying a double, framedContinue reading “Prism”