I sometimes wonder whether I spend my time wisely Or whether I squander it on fripperies Of action. What is of best value Trekking the contours of a newfound adventure Unlike your feet bleed but your heart is full Or Listening to the still body echo The tiny repeating call of my bones And listeningContinue reading “Parsimony”

Face off

now, I consider myself to be reasonably tech savvy and connected via the plethora of social networks out there. The grand daddy of them all being the mighty Facebook. So why have I just walked away from the behemoth? Why have I  decided to stop posting, close my various pages and turn off the ubiquitousContinue reading “Face off”

Sugar free

We all know that sugar is the enemy… Normally moments of claritybring strength and hidden depth. Today I’m seeing, unfortunately The cul de sac of death. My limbs turn to lead I live within my head. And it will get worse. There is no cure, Just this curse. And that, is the truth. No sugarContinue reading “Sugar free”