Calm : Storm

It’s quiet chez Stitich tonight. Boys in bed. OH out. Me, wrapped up in a quilt on the sofa, tippy typing. No telly. Just the sound of Lego coming from Elder’s eyrie. The calmness that will shatter tomorrow because it’s CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Younger has been a human alarm clock each morning, counting down the daysContinue reading “Calm : Storm”


So, in an attempt to fit all my various projects, responsibilities and ideas into the measly 24 hours of each day (bad design that, there should be at least another two or three hours I reckon) I am going to try to break with tradition and write my blog posts in the day. When IContinue reading “Recalibrate”

That was the week that was…

A funny old week at stitched hours. Ups and downs. Sweet and sour. Mmmmmm…. On the up: My birthday…excellent day with a very lovely, boozey but not too chaotic, relaxed and laughter filled evening with my friends and OH. I am lucky. London trip… Yesterday. Went to an exhibition at White cube Gallery. Never beenContinue reading “That was the week that was…”