Shake it off

You may know by now that I won the lottery of life back in 2007 when I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s. Now, most of the time I choose to willfully ignore it. This is not bravery or inspirational behavior, I’m sorry to say. Rather, it is sheer blind ignorance, conscious ignorance, intended ignorance even.

I’ve written here before of the impacts PD has had on my life. Read the early posts on this blog…you will find a different life. City worker, commuter, mother only on some days tbh. Frustrated creative. Stressed and tired. But intellectually engaged, worthwhile and valued. But all through the changes wrought by PD, I have never sought out clinical info about this illness. I don’t, really don’t want to know what my latter years are going to pan out like. I know I should be informed but I just don’t want to be.

This ignorance is most definately bliss. I can almost kid myself I’m not sick some days. Result. But, I am becoming aware that as I advance in years, I need to look after my self. Take care of my health. Boring boring boring. But true.

so, I’m signed up for a new app which helps map and monitor PD symptoms, visible and other. It’s a research project, collecting data but also helping PD patients become more sentient regarding their symptoms, self care etc. PD? We’ve got an app for that.

So, let’s hope this is helpful to both me and the researcher team. If you have PD or are a career of someone with PD, consider visiting the AppStore and have a look. I think it’s worth a go. Anything is, right?


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  1. Thanks for sharing, and for your open honesty, Pollie. Young graduates from Imperial College are working on developing a glove that stabilises hand tremors of Parkinson’s Disease. I interviewed the lead engineer behind the glove called “GyroGlove”. This project is serious, they won the F-Factor prize attended by Simon Cowell, Google’s CEO and Linkedin’s founder. Please have a look at the latest article about the glove on my blog if you’re interested.


    1. I went to imperial!!! I will read and digest w pleasure.

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      1. Wow, what are the odds? Went to Imperial too… What course did you study? (Feels like Fresher’s week again but in reverse :p)


      2. Physics. I’ve forwarded ur article to two friends you might have heard of via FB. what’s ur FB page and I will link

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  2. A while ago tho. If ur gen Y then I’m definitely a beta version


      1. Have just seen that the team are taking part in the #youngparkinsonsnetwork hangout tomorrow. I’m a member so will make sure I’m there to wave some pompoms. 🙂

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      2. That’s amazing! 🙂


      3. Hey, you haven’t even seen the pom-poms yet

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      4. Haha you made me giggle. Honestly, pom-poms might be one of the best inventions of humankind.

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      5. Should put them together with a gyroscope…now THAT I would pay good money to see! It’s been lovely meeting you. I’m an old crock tho and have to scoot off to get some rest (I had 3 hours sleep last night. Too busy painting!0 good luck with the magazine, I like it even tho I’m too old for it 🙂

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      6. Thank you Pollie! Still discovering your website. The art you shared is brilliant, it’s like a treasure chest. Have a good rest, and please keep the paintings coming. 🙂


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