Oh lovely!

Coming back from a few meetings in Bristol today I stopped by the newsie to see if there was a magazine to read – normally I stand there eyes wandering, trying to find some thing that elicits any form of intellectual response but is not too hard to read after a hard day’s graft. Usually IContinue reading “Oh lovely!”


So, we get to discussing behavioural patterns at knit club tonight. It was a fact universally agreed that I am not a finisher. I think I might want to rectify this. But how? I have boxes ofufo’s but I’m not too hot on reviving them before starting something new. Maybe finish one before I’m allowedContinue reading “Finishing”

A bag for life

I have a long commute. I mean long. Some days I like it – uninterrupted coffee, magazines, time to work, guilt-free knitting and sewing time. Some days I hate it – ungodly start time, not seeing my boys, delays, the tube, the price (just increased, owch). Today I’m ambivalent. So I thought I’d show youContinue reading “A bag for life”

It’s arrived!!!

My Christmas present has finally arrived! Early 20th century DMC couture thread drawers – gorgeous! I’ve polished them up (one of the few times I’ll do cleaning willingly) and started filling them. I’m in love.    Expect an angst written post re my sewing corner soon , however. The Walls are closing in on me….

Christmas projects 2

So here is my main Christmas baby – it took over December and nearly drove me mad.  Every night I was stitching away, the stars took way longer than I anticipated but it was worthit – I hope you agree – and I’ll NEVER have to do it again! All by myself…don’t wanna be… GetContinue reading “Christmas projects 2”