Christmas projects 1

Here’s my first project completed for Christmas – a felt silhouette cushion with hidden pockets for chocolate in the back! I did this for a swap on this forum – a Ravelry for sewing and fab with it. I was thinking of the stuff that Rob Ryan produces – this is my humble attempt in the sameContinue reading “Christmas projects 1”

A new start

so, I’ve been singularly rubbish at maintaining this blog but I am going to try to be a little better this year. Little One is 9 months now so real life is returning so I should have a little time. I still have my to do list which I will build on properly bit IContinue reading “A new start”


I’ve remained static but am mulling over making a grey long waistcoat with funky lining for work. I’ve also bought a copy of One yard wonders which is whetting my appetite. More later. Follow up: I never made this, of course!

To knit or not to sew

I am on the horns of a dilemma – I just finished a sewing swap on (pictures to follow) and now don’t know whether to launch into Little’s blue quilt (sewing) or his jacket (knitting)…I enjoyed stitching again but hanker after the knitting – so little time!

Make list 2

So I’ve had the chance to think some more and I want to combine my make list with some sort of challenge. I am also on maternity leave at the moment so have no spare cash so I need to be frugal here. I have a gazillion books on quilting, crafts, sewing etc etc soContinue reading “Make list 2”