I stay up late at night:
I somehow need to feel the dark.
To have a space to bubble into,
Rise and grow and stretch myself.

But I am also lonely.
Late at night is a solo shift.
I should be being social, chatty.
But I shrink away from that.

A conundrum lies before me,
How to stretch without that snap?
How to be alone not lonely?
How to grasp the dark itself?

Is there ever one full answer
I think not as no one has
Managed to find perfect balance.
I roll over, close eyes and hold on.




I love my studio. I love it. An oasis of calm. An escape. A room of my own, sort of. I’m using one arrangement and trying out various media to remind myself of how they ‘feel’. Yesterday I used marker pens, a first for me. Previously I used pencil and charcoal. Next up will probably be acrylic, new for me. Loving this all. Life is good today. I hope yours is too.





Thinking about how, once you make a change it can become inconceivable that you could ever go back. My life is unrecognisable to when I started this blog and is can’t ever imagine reverting. Ever.

How to define rebirth ?
A big question given short shrift
By me
And others who should be enlarging this query,
Whose lives have morphed madly,
Who’ve grabbed chances hardly
Perceptible previously
But clear as day now.
How did I live that way?
Why did I not change?

Rebirth is a closed door
The past out of range.