Stitch this…

Knit, sew, whatever…


I start my MA in September… And my studio is nearly ready… So exciting! Want to peek?   

Love in a cup

This is what I woke up to this morning…  lovely!


   Pastel on board… Do you like?


up on a roof.  

And on the right page.  



the phrase ‘burning the candle at both ends’ comes to mind…

The first end : I’m in the deli across the road, refuelling with French toast, sausage and egg (like yesterday), I’ve had just under four hours sleep, overcome the rank shower situation (very proud) and escaped into the Manhattan sunrise. GlamMum has way more stamina than me, she came in as I was just thinking about getting up. She’s slumbers on as I type. 
I love early mornings. The irony is that here I am, away from my two little alarm clocks boys and, despite craving a lie in for the past ten or so years, so far I’ve seen the sunrise each day, been the first in the deli for breakfast (believe me, you don’t want to be here when the masses get up…my idea of food hell tbh, no space, no peace, no ketchup) and generally welcomed the dawn with alacrity.

There is a lady who I presume sleeps on the street…she’s been on our corner literally every time I’ve shuffled/strode/staggered past. She’s there now, her grey bobbed head bent over her tatty bags, dozing. Sobering. Expected in NYC I know but, still. 

The second end : Yesterday started with good intention, museums, galleries, a spot of lunch at dean & deluca…that was the plan. Then I realised I could get to Project Runway heaven, Mood Fabrics and everything changed. You can see from yesterday’s post I had a stitchy day oiled with beers. Lots of chat and banter with GlamMum! Time spent chilling. I have some awesome fabrics and trims to show you. Can you wait?!

My coffee is cooling. I need to drink it. Today’s plan is centred around the American Folk Art Museum. Expect quilts, lots of quilts.   

 Things I have learnt

  • I love sketching with a beer next to me
  • I like noise
  • I like silence
  • I love clean showers
  • No one will ever truly understand fabric addiction unless they too are an addict. This I accept. 
  • I am not a selfie girl. Exactly why I don’t know, but I know they are not me. Even tho they are. Hmmmm.


to Manhattan, dear reader. I am in stitch nirvana. Here. It’s in the garment district. Tick. It’s down the street from mood fabrics. Tick. It’s got a sewing machine over the entrance. TICK. it’s got the lovely Ashley behind the bar. Tick. And it has sewing kits! Zen sewing kits. TICK TICK TICK. 



Now I have a choice here don’t I?? I could document my adventures in NYC coherently, in time order and with proper regard to the journaling process. But, hey, where’s the fun in that? No, I think I’ll document the important things….images, ideas, weird stuff I see. You can get the classic NYC images etc from the guide books, they are way better than me at that stuff. I’m going my own way….as ever.

So, the last 24 or so hours’ worth of nuggets are:

  • I am so not a student anymore…I have done with ‘basic’ accommodation. Don’t get me wrong, I knew the trip was budget, the room is pretty much as I expected it would be. No, I mean I’m pretty damn sure that given the choice I’d upgrade any time. Lesson learnt.
  • Today’s students don’t seem to party as hard as we did. I may be doing a disservice here, it is only day one, but the biggest party gals and guys thus far are the trip organisers  and me and GlamMum, with whom I am sharing. More on her later, but she’s amazing and lovely. 
  • NYC is HOT…I should be in the hamptons I know, Martha’s Vineyard or similar, but with out the Ralph Laurent linen thing going on.
  • Jet lag and PD meds make for strange bedfellows. I was on the edge of losing it last night after 24hours awake and a trip up the Empire State Building. oh, the queues!! And a walk home that involved five extra blocks as I managed to get 42nd mixed up with 47th Street. Doh. 
  • I love NYC delis and pharmacies. I have indulged my love of both so far and had a picnic of Vines And pretzels last night in my palatial bunk bed (I got the bottom one, curse you PD) 
  • I love American breakfasts…I’ve just polished off French toast with sausage and maple syrup. Coffee going down a treat. First sketch of the day done. Hurrah
  • I’m braver than I thought. I don’t mind admitting. I was trepidatious before this trip. Would me and uncle parky cope?! Well, walking home last night I decided we would. Double hurrah.
  • I’m  impatient…today is cool shopping day, so I’m signing off now. Bleeker Street here I come. Pictures and words will continue in my normal ad hoc random style. 



to. New. York. Yup.  That’s right. NYC here I come. I’m on a bus heading to the airport and a flight to a totally self indulgent trip hopefully filled with fabric and art and fun and good friends and food. I’ve got my sketch books and pens, I have my iPad and sweeties. All set. Want to come? 


well, here we are, end of the school year. And what have we learned?

  • Little one is not so little any more
    Elder is getting bigger and more grown-up and is no longer my little tiny boy
    Conversations with both of them are far more interesting these days
    And more challenging 
  • both of which are good things
    I can’t stay up until 1230 in the morning drinking wine without feeling it the next morning
  • Sometimes however, the pain is worth it
    Sometimes it isn’t
  • middle-aged women can be incredibly insecure 
    This is not a good thing
    I will not be one of them
  • How, quite I manage this is of course an interesting question and one that we will be thinking about over the next few weeks
  • Breakfast is the best meal of the day
    Especially when followed by a nap
    Guess what I’m going to be doing after drop-off!
    My world has shrunk and revolves around the playground these days
    This is not a good thing and will be rectified come September
    Blue hair is a good thing
  • As is the thought that this time tomorrow I will be by the seaside

Happy last day of school everybody

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