Now, this may be my physics background influencing me but I find myself constantly searching for connections between life’s seemingly random events, the people and places I encounter along my journey and the ideas and concepts we all grapple with. I believe in a Grand Unified Theory of Everything (GUTE) basically. I am utterly convincedContinue reading “Click”


Art is about mark making. Artists in the main, are interested in making THEIR mark. Trying to express their vision. Trying to connect with others. I’d say that’s fairly universal. After that level you get into the fascinating array of approaches that can be used. The sheer variety of the creative paths is mind boggling.Continue reading “Marked”

My little news pony

Disclaimer: this is a bit of a fan post combined with memories of early days with my boys. It’s honest. …I am going to warn you and not apologise for it. It’s no secret that when I had my two children, I found parenting hard work. A long slog, morning to night, to midnight, toContinue reading “My little news pony”


This month I have learnt that my mind can move mountains….this poem was the beginning of what is term a fairly seismic few weeks. Next post will drill down but in the meantime… Have a look at this and start the ball rolling!