Stitch This is my space to be me. It started as a craft blog, but it really is my diary. It’s where I can stretch out and be.

I am a mother of two small boys, trying to be a good example, deal with Parkinson’s (early-onset), manage my home and family and explore my artistic abilities. I am trying to enjoy the journey rather than race to the goal. Slow is now my style.

When you read my blog, you will see that Parkinson’s has taken its toll. It has changed my life. Hopefully, for the better but radical change is always hard. I hope you enjoy reading Stitch This. I enjoy writing it.

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, love the red spotty fabric & your site…. have spent over an hour checking out all the “Have you mets?” wonderful
    thank you!!!!

  2. Hi Sophie. It was so great meeting you yesterday. I hope your travels home was easy. I showed my husband the Talkhealthpartnership website and it’s perfect for their blog. If you could pass on their blog details to your contact, that would be great. The blog is My husband is John. I’d l like to give you his direct email address but would rather not do it here. If you email me (I have a contact me tab on my blog), I can reply to your email with his address.

  3. Hi, Somone on the Mumsnet bloggers page suggested you- I’m looking for some crafty/arty types to interview for my blog- if you might have time please let me know!

  4. Hi, the Mumsnet Bloggers board suggested that I contact you- I’m looking for some arty/craft types to interview for a feature for my blog- of you might be interested/have time please get in touch!

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