Berlin face off 

I was standing on the pavement My fingers cold and stiff  The phone loose in my hand  It’s job done Directions good. I saw my goal Iconic and cool Lines clean against the cobalt rise And then a blue Familiar friend Caught my eye and As I bent Towards its light  I saw my lifeContinue reading “Berlin face off “

Oh yeah

This is the latest in a long series of posts about the state of my studio/craft room. I started talking about this about five years ago, I kid you not. And today I have reached another milestone in the long running battle to Declutter whilst keeping all my stuff. Seemingly  an impossible balancing act. And yet,Continue reading “Oh yeah”

Anthropology 2: art student

I lost my jacket, heels and case i left them way behind. I cut my hair and changed my spex, become another kind. I left the ranks of the well paid I missed the Budget speech, I said goodbye to 9 to 5… It all is out of reach. ‘These days I google concept art iContinue reading “Anthropology 2: art student”

Dot dot dot

Sometimes we use code to communicate. We use familiar shorthand and we can miss details as a result. I have recently started a Visual Communications MA course at the University of Stitchopolishire so expect to hear my garbled thoughts on the subject in the future. I am intersted in this idea of lost information andContinue reading “Dot dot dot”


so, it’s been almost 2 months since I posted….the longest I’ve even gone. Why? A plethora of reasons….bad meds, no energy, no time, too many projects, no imagination….oh dear. Well, I am a quilter not a quitter so I am back to have another go…I just need to re-shuffle the hand of cards life has dealtContinue reading “Shuffle”

Damn spot

to the theatre….where I and my learned friend saw King Charles III amid grey heads and rustling sweetie packets. What a brilliant play, truly fabulous. I have always loved Robert Powell since his Jesus of Nazerath days (he can not blink for an unfeasibly long time you know, a rare gift) and tbh that was theContinue reading “Damn spot”