True to say that my energy ebbs and flows these days. Today I did both. And a lot more too.


The end of the holidays draws near, a few days left. We had a day in Torquay watching powerboats and introducing Little One to fairgrounds, in particular the dodgems. He’s a demon btw.

This way

To Dartmouth in the boat for some very close fly by’s from the Red Arrows this evening. Clever boys.


Here is a fish In my bright blue dish If he could he would wish That he wasn’t. After the last couple of days, lets be cheerful, eh? At least we aren’t in the same boat as my mackerel friend here.

Not drowning but camping

I have always said that boats are just like caravans on water – you sleep on folding beds, you have shower blocks at the marina, you cook on a little gas oven, you get a terrible nights sleep. But, ironically, if it rains you DON’T GRT WET. result. So, last night we took the boys…

Pick and mix

A mixed bag today. I thought I’d show you a few things from the week so far. My main news however, is that my Parkinson’s appears to be on holiday too. My symptoms are so much better it’s frankly amazing. We went to Torquay and played crazy golf. I won! And got a hole in…

Fly the flag

So, Other Half has been shopping. Now when I shop I dabble in charity emporia. OH takes it to a whole other level, however. He has bought a boat. Or half a boat to be precise. It’s a floating family holiday home, he says. And I’m quietly excited tbh. My boys will be little fishes!…