Slow, slow, shake, shake, slow

Quick is good, no? We are all so used to striving for speed, efficiency and ASAP in everything. Even in my sheltered world of stitch. Most craft books emphasise the quickness, the ease of their projects. And yet. To be honest, although quick makes are lovely as an option (and I’ve written about some onContinue reading “Slow, slow, shake, shake, slow”

What do you say?

A full on and funny 24 hours. Different lives meeting head on. I’ve met lots of people, some I have known for 15 yes but not seen since I got ill, some I’ve hardly spoken to but who know the shaky me. Weird. Neither comfortable. Both exhilarating. Can’t bear it when old friends look worried.Continue reading “What do you say?”

Calling all female superheroes!

It’s Elder’s 5th birthday soon and we’re having a superhero party. Did I mention that already? Anyway all the little girls (and there’s  few) are in a tizzy about what to wear – there are precious few female superheroes out there. So far we have Lava Girl, Wonderwoman, Catwoman and my favourite, Superfairy. And oneContinue reading “Calling all female superheroes!”