So, I am now seven weeks post op and the cast is finally off…it came off just over a week ago and it has been a mixed blessing really. It is way more comfortable to sleep at night now…I just lose my eyes and off I drift. This is luxury in the extreme and IContinue reading “Steps”


The timeline is complicated But unforgivingly straight  Before the night We shine We burn I’m bright, I know I have letters to prove To me, at least. But Perhaps this fire this inner flash This drive these files this splash Are my last gasp My battle cry Before I start to fade. I’ll rage againstContinue reading “Supernova”

Berlin face off 

I was standing on the pavement My fingers cold and stiff  The phone loose in my hand  It’s job done Directions good. I saw my goal Iconic and cool Lines clean against the cobalt rise And then a blue Familiar friend Caught my eye and As I bent Towards its light  I saw my lifeContinue reading “Berlin face off “

Its only words…

So, we are approaching the end of 2016 and i am thinking about what I have doe, not done, learnt, ignored, lived, regretted, loved….you know the drill. I may well post something specific but i. The meantime I have been thinking in particular about how to stay p[ositive, motivated and focussed. I lose my driveContinue reading “Its only words…”

Dot dot dot

Sometimes we use code to communicate. We use familiar shorthand and we can miss details as a result. I have recently started a Visual Communications MA course at the University of Stitchopolishire so expect to hear my garbled thoughts on the subject in the future. I am intersted in this idea of lost information andContinue reading “Dot dot dot”