Knowledge 1

Discovery is an interesting concept. A tiny piece of knowledge, of information and your life can change beyond recognition. I woke up this morning and I looked on YouTube and read a video blog of somebody’s diagnosis of Parkinsons. Incredibly ,they got the diagnosis from standing start to full knowledge in less than 24 hours…

Blog psychology

Blogs are demanding. They tap their watch and sigh deep. They wonder if you really love them. They feel cast aside, They can’t sleep. They just want to be loved – They are needy. They never assume they’re ok. Theres only one way to placate them: And that’s posting every day.

I’ve always liked Status Quo

  I was always the sensible one in our family. I did a sensible degree, I have a sensible job and have settled down very sensibly with husband and two lovely boys. Oh, I like a plan. And yet. Life can throw you a curve ball at any point and it doesn’t matter how sensible…

Clunk click

We take car safety VERY seriously here at Stitch Towers. Bunny included.

Round and round the garden

Today has been one of those days when you begin to question whether karma is having a larf. I can’t bear to go into detail but it involved tantrums, impossibly tight car parking spaces, cancelled playdates, emergency dashes to doctors and the entire linen cupboard deciding to jump out to greet me. Nice. Suffice to…

2 things

To my sofa. I’ve been out tonight. I’m shattered but still here. Always here. Don’t want to give in I suppose. Anyway, two points: Firstly, it’s worth keeping up with old friends. I was so going to cry off tonight but I’m glad I didn’t. ‘she sells sanctuary’ on the way there set me up…

A really practical skill

I always knew crochet would prove itself as a true life skill. Inspired by this thread on Mumsnet (thankyou Soupdragon)  look what I made tonight… Poo! I am enchanted! Pattern here  


Don’t you just love friday?

Alles ist total ausgeflopped

Remember me crowing about my charity shop bonanza? Want to see my Tupperware-produced extravaganza? I’d sit down if I were you lest you faint from it’s beauty…ready? Oh bugger. There goes my ‘domestic goddess’ badge.